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Customer Service Survey Software

QuestionPro provides a simple automated solution for measuring customer satisfaction. The process begins by designing online satisfaction surveys using our intuitive survey wizard. Survey templates are also available for customization. The goal is to establish a baseline of customer satisfaction measures that can be tracked over time. QuestionPro allows you to capture these metrics through the entire customer experience. Actionable results are available through automated notifications, and comprehensive reports.
The results of the satisfaction research are automatically collected, aggregated, and presented in easy to read formats. The key to the analysis is segmenting the data based on time periods or other important attributes, i.e. region, location, sales rep. Automated notifications can also be triggered to alert staff of specific feedback which may require immediate attention. The QuestionPro Online Slide Show allows you to configure a customized view of your survey data including charts, frequency data, and an executive summary. The report can be shared online via a web link or exported as a PDF.
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